K.C.P.C was established for the purpose of cultural contribution by the side of cultural aspects, regional revitalization and visibility improved, Between kisarazu and other part of Japan, other country of the world, it is planning a cultural exchange, gathering a man of culture, learning.


Kisarazu City, Aqua line and ripple effect of large-scale commercial facilities, while there is an advantageous location characteristics of nodal point of the wide-area highway, the number of passengers of the world fourth place, unchanged from Haneda Airport, which boasts a number of users of nearly distance Tokyo It compares and Yokohama, Why there is a difference in so people crowded?

It is considered a course for various reasons, but I thought he “fashionable” and “five senses of the stimulus” is inferior as one of the reasons.
There is a sea in Kisarazu, there is a mountain, but I have a delicious thing, but it’m never in hanging out and going out like a city on holiday.
And it’s poor also still “topicality”.

We, in Japan, asked to success for collaboration cultural people and Kisarazu are all over the world, and by changing the “sensibility”, “sense” of people who live in Kisarazu “idea”, “consciousness”, new possibilities to develop gender, nature and “I’m fashionable I Kisarazu,” “Dating is good Kisarazu” becomes a town that is a topic such as, we have believed to be the city that citizens proud.

We changed the name from the meeting of SAYONARA Kisarazu city hall Government building volunteers to Kisarazu Culture Promotion Committee.
We have released the Website.
It was released Kisarazu city hall Government building rooftop Art Event report of which was held in 2015/9/22.

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